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About us

The GROUPE SOS launched a new kind of social network dedicated to change-makers: UP Campus Supported by the UP community, it aims at creating links between people who share the idea that we can (re)invent tomorrow world. A specific network at last created for people who want to give a hand or just get inspired by innovative solutions. It works thanks to a matching system based on your needs and on the possibility to meet people attending to the same events as you. So now, play on: open the discussion and bring your ideas to live! UP Campus is the "must have" to speed up your projects, expand and build your network, and meet new contacts at our wide range of events: UP Conferences, UP Café, UP Conferences Dreamstorming, UP Pro, afterworks...


Come together

The first social network which enables change-makers to converge. A new way of creating encounters with people from different fields and backgrounds.

(Be) inspire(d)

Take part in our events, get the community involved in your ideas, discuss your projects. Be inspired by members and get them inspiration!

Be involved

You're planning to start a project? Need a hand or want to lend one? Because you're unique, UP Campus has developed a custom-built tool so that you can quickly find the right match for your needs.

Age de Pierre

Impelled in France by the GROUPE SOS,, UP community embraces a new vision of networking thanks to its heritage: a wide range of inspiring events that provide innovative solutions and bring change-makers together with their differing backgrounds. UP Conferences, UP Café, UP Pro, Afterworks... in 2014, more than 12 000 people have joined one of our events.

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